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Aeration is a process where “plugs” are pulled out of the ground.  This helps to reduce soil compaction, allowing water, air, fertilizer and nutrients to penetrate into the soil.  This allows the grass root system to feed and thicken.  A thick turf leaves far less room for weeds and insects to inhabit.



Aeration and over-seeding together

are the best way to fend off weeds.




Over-seeding is highly recommended when aerating.  Placing new seed down to germinate will thicken your turf.  Weeds can’t take up residence in a spot that is already taken!  Put down the seeds, so there’s no room for weeds!

In fact, we actually put down double the recommended rate of seed.  We want your soil to be rich in grass so there will be less room for those unsightly weeds.



Power De-thatching

A light layer of thatch (less than 1/2 inch) can be beneficial to your lawn, protecting the soil from changing temperatures.

Too much thatch (1/2 inch or more) laying on top of the soil, prevents water and nutrients from getting through to the roots of the lawn.  It also gives insects a great place to hide.

Both insects and lack of nutrients can destroy a healthy lawn.

We not only use a Power De-thatcher, but we clean up with a de-thatching vacuum and haul off the debris.  Again, we recommend over-seeding with this process.  It is extremely beneficial to put down seed to take root in the bare areas as a result of removing the thatch.  Don’t give weeds the opportunity to move in.


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