Dollar Spot

Dollar Spot is often mistaken with Brown Patch.  To distinguish, take a close look at the individual blades of grass.  Dollar Spot will typically be straw colored with reddish brown borders.  This lesion will often have an hourglass shape to it.

dollar spot lesion

Did you know that:

  • Dollar spot is one of the most destructive turf grass diseases.
  • It can effect and kill the entire grass plant – including the roots.
  • Dollar spot generally takes place in summer and early fall.
  • It grows in distinct, small circles about the size of a silver dollar.
  • Several spots can overlap making larger, more irregular shaped areas.
  • This fungus survives during the winter in the soil and thatch buildup.
  • It’s easily spread by water, lawn mower clippings, wind, equipment and foot traffic.


dollar spot


The following conditions can contribute to dollar spot:

  • Lack of soil moisture
  • Lack of nitrogen
  • High levels of thatch

Some cultural ways to help prevent dollar spot:

  • Keep thatch to a minimum
  • Fertilize for adequate fertility levels, especially for nitrogen
  • Water thoroughly and frequent
  • Water in the morning to prevent prolonged leaf wetness
  • Aerate regularly


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