Lawn Care & Pest Control Services

Here at Sterling Insect & Lawn Control, we offer a variety of services and service schedules designed to help you create and maintain a beautifully manicured lawn or exterior for your home.

Our insect and lawn control services include:

Our insect control and lawn care packages can include:

Checkmark Customized fertilization programs for your lawn, shrubs and trees allow you to spend more time with your family instead of your spreader.
Checkmark Weed Control Programs to keep the grass the most visible part of your landscape, not the weeds!
Checkmark Soil Testing – Eliminate all the guesswork and know EXACTLY what your lawn needs to be thick, healthy, and beautiful.
Checkmark Grub Protection prevents costly damage from these nasty critters. Plus, our preventative Grub Treatment is GUARANTEED!
Checkmark Core Aeration that allows the water and nutrients to enter the soil, not run off!
Checkmark Over-seeding, along with Core Aeration keeps your lawn thick, beautiful, and a thing of beauty.
Checkmark Organic Lawn Care Programs – Do you prefer a more “natural” approach? We have a truly organic program that is sure to fit your budget!
Checkmark Perimeter Pest Barrier helps keep your home safe from carpenter ants, ear wigs, and other crawling critters.
Checkmark Inside Pest Control – Let us help you eliminate any nasty invaders that bug you!
Checkmark Mosquito Control – We have all natural as well as conventional methods of controlling mosquitos.
Checkmark Tick Control protects you and your loved ones from the most vile creature on the planet – ever heard of Lyme’s Disease?
Checkmark Rodent Control – Rats, mice, or moles? We can help!

You can choose any one of these services OR combine them to create a complete property maintenance program that will keep your home and landscape green, weed free, and safe from any nasty creatures that want to make your life miserable!

By selecting Sterling Insect & Lawn Control to take care of all of your lawn care and insect control needs, you’re giving yourself:

Checkmark Your weeknights and weekends back to spend the time as you desire, not out sweating your time away out in your yard
Checkmark Time to spend with your family and friends doing the things you really enjoy doing
Checkmark A professionally cared for lawn or landscape that reflects the pride you have in your home
Checkmark Peace of mind knowing your lawn will be taken care of on schedule, on time, and on budget
Checkmark A hassle-free experience that allows you to focus on the other areas of life that require your attention

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