The mushroom is only a small part of the fungus, referred to as the “fruiting body”.  The majority of the fungus, 90%, is underground at varying depths.  This main body can last for years and only produce the mushroom portion when conditions are favorable.

mushroom3                                   tree mushrooms

This fungus lives off and develops from organic matter such as…

  • Decaying animal waste
  • Old mulch
  • Rotting thatch
  • Construction debris
  • Deep tree roots
  • Decomposing thatch

Did you know that:

  • Mushrooms are a naturally occurring organism.
  • Mushrooms decompose organic matter and release nutrients for other plant growth.
  • They pose no threat to the lawn because they feed off decaying matter, not living tissue.
  • Damp, shady conditions are ideal for fungal growth.
  • Mushrooms are the reproductive part of the fungal life-cycle.
  • The prime function of the mushroom is to release spores for new colonies to grow.
  • Each fruit body contains thousands of spores.
  • Picking mushrooms can help prevent their spores from spreading to other sites.

Fungicides only provide temporary eradication since the fungus is mainly below the soil.