Red Thread

Red Thread is a lawn fungus.  It is a disease brought on by cool, wet weather (usually spring and fall).

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Red Thread characteristics:

  • It appears as 4-8″ diameter circular patches that look tan or pink from a distance.
  • Up close, it has red-pink “sclerotia” growing for the tips of the grass blades.
  • It is common on slow-growing nutrient-deficient turf.
  • The fungus is spread by mowing equipment, thatch, foot traffic and water.
  • Red Thread most commonly affects Kentucky blue grass, rye-grass, and tall fescue.
  • Lawns lacking in nitrogen are more susceptible to red thread.

While fungicides can be applied to control red thread, there are other ways to help control the spread of it…

  • Soil pH should be maintained at 6.5-7.0 or as appropriate for the turf species.
  • Fertilize the lawn and add lime to raise the pH to proper levels.
  • Water infrequently and deep.
  • Only water when necessary to keep your lawn hydrated.
  • Avoid watering late, which will extend grass blade moisture.
  • Remove thatch, which can contribute to outbreaks in the future.
  • Collect grass clippings so not to spread the fungus.
  • Prune trees and shrubs to increase sunlight to the lawn.
  • Ensure the lawn has adequate drainage to prevent high moisture levels.
  • Aerating the lawn will help with drainage.
  • Make sure the lawn is fed the proper amount of nitrogen.
  • Clean mower blades after use to prevent spreading the disease.


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